The aim of ‘From Lancs to the Levant’ is to provide a platform for sharing information on the various branches of my family ancestry.  I have been researching my family history for many years and until now, have shared my finds with interested relatives and fellow researchers via email. This isn’t a particularly efficient method as it potentially excludes other people I don’t know, who are researching the same or similar strands, or those with related subject interests who could expand our knowledge.

Why Lancs to the Levant?

Well my father’s family all came from the county of Lancashire, England. Their older roots however were in Scotland, Ireland and other parts of Northern England. The key surname lines I am interested in include MCMELLON, (MCMILLON/ MCMULLEN), CARR and COTTON.

My mother’s family came from further afield. Her maternal ancestry is firmly rooted in Cornwall and the family names of TAYLOR and FAULL.

Her paternal line however, consisted of expatriot merchants from Malta who settled in Constantinople (Istanbul) and Smryna (Izmir) in Turkey during the nineteenth century. At that time, the Eastern Mediterranean was known in the West as the ‘Levant’, so non-Turkish residents of that area, and in particular, the trading community, were known as ‘Levantines’. The key names in this branch include CALLUS, GRISCTI (GRISTI) and POUHALSKI (PUCHALSKI). I am also interested in a number of families associated through marriage to other siblings. These include BURGUY and VAN MILLINGEN.

It will take me a while to build up the content for each surname area of course but I hope readers will find this site of interest and will return regularly for updates. Please feel free to contact me to comment on any of my pages or posts.


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  1. Hi Angela.. thank you for the amazing post about Dr Joseph Callus.. my name is Roberto Callus and live in South London and am very interested to know how we might be connected.. my father is Louis Callus born in 1936 and is one of five brothers born to Vincenzo Callus who came to England in 1958. It would be great to get any information that you might have on my grandfather or any of his family..?
    please feel free to email me, it would be great to hear from you.


    • Hi Roberto,
      Thank you for your feedback and for sharing information about your own Callus roots. My apologies for the delay in replying, but I’ve just returned from holiday.

      It would certainly be interesting to find out if we have a connection. I don’t have any immediate info linking our families but it is quite possible that we share a common ancestor somewhere down the line. I plan to post some family tree diagrams in the near future which may be of interest and I will email you to see if I can suggest where you go next regarding your grandfather’s ancestry.
      Kind regards,


  2. Hi again.. thanx 4 ur reply..
    I trust that u had a good holiday and that this email finds u happy and well..?
    I too would be very interested to know of how we are connected and would love to
    see any family tree diagrams that u may have.. I have since spoken to my father and asked about his father and his family. He said that his grandfather was called Savvas who was born in Malta in the 1800’s and he had 3 sons and a daughter.. one of them being my fathers, father Vincenzo Callus. His brothers were Nicos and Nanas and they had a sister called Maria who went to Italy and had a daughter and two sons (my dads cousins) Thats where im up to so far,
    and im so looking forward to hearing back from you soon..

    Kindest Regards


  3. Hello ! my family (Spinocchia) arrived in Constantinople around 1850’s.my great grand Father Santo as far as I know was married in Malta and had a son Nicholas and a Daughter Saverina he came to Istanbul with the two and he remarried in Istanbul in which he had three sons Carmello – Georgio and Bartolo -Nicholas My grandparent was married in Ss Peter and Paul’s. In Galata my grand father was married to a Greek lady by the name of Giulia Dhimitriadhes and had two sons Santo Marianno and Michael Spinocchia My Parents married in Coimbatore India and had me and my two sisters Juliet and Helen I also married at Saint Anthonys church in Istanbul Beyoglu to a Greek girl from Aghios Stephanos (Yesilkoy ) in 1967 and have two daughters Mary and Brigitta
    My great grand father and my grandfather are buried in Ferikeuy the Latin Catholic cemetery
    I will be very interested to know of anyone which have more information before the arrival of my Great grand father Santo in approximately 1850s
    Thank you for your kind cooperation and the effort you put in to creat this fabulous site
    Regards to all the Maltese of Istanbul
    Nicholas Joseph Spinocchia
    E mail : spinocchia@aol.com

    Sent from my iPad


    • Hi Nicholas, Somehow I missed your comments on my site until now so apologies for the late reply. Thank you for visiting my site and sharing your ancestral links to Malta and Istanbul. I hope your family details here will generate some contacts or new information for you.
      Kind Regards,


  4. Puchalski, Edmund, kpt. P. 1p., K. [LdH] 9.iii.1807 [[award nr.]15021] ([for] Tczew.). : p. 68 – #1453 : Stanisław Łoza. Legia Honorowa w Polsce 1803-1923. 1923. 90 p.

    Gembarzewski. Wojsko Polskie – Ksiestwo Warszawskie, 1807-1814. 1st edition. 1905.
    p. xxxiii: Puchalski Edmund, kap. adj. gen. br. Axamitowskiego; uwoln. 29.viii.1808.

    I saw your question on the Napoleon Series Forum.


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    • Wow, thanks Steven. I never expected a result so quickly! Well I guess this lays to bed once and for all my ancestor being this Captain as my GGG GF’s name was thought to be Theodor. Our family legend suggested he fought at Waterloo with Napoleon but the only Puchalski I found for that event was Joseph. His son Theodore is in the record as a veteran of the 1831 Polish Revolt so we will have to be content with that. It’s been a interesting search. Thank you so much for contacting me.


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