Griscti Family Tree

Marie Anne Griscti’s family migrated from Malta to Smyrna and then Constantinople / Istanbul in Turkey, when she was a baby. To see my new page on the Griscti family tree for Marie Anne Callus nee Griscti of Constantinople (c.1830-1908), click on the Griscti name in the menu bar or visit this link.

This initial research covers my Great Great Grandmother’s paternal ancestry back 3 generations to the late 17th century, including her connection to the Xiberras family. The extended family has also been traced through the decades of the 19th and 20th centuries down to the present day. The new web page charts all these descendants and I will write more about some of these families in future posts.

I would like to record my thanks to Marie Anne Marandet for her extensive help in researching the families of Constantinople and to Geneanum for their excellent digital database on the ADAMI records for Malta.





3 thoughts on “Griscti Family Tree

  1. I love that I have found a blogger of Maltese decent that is blogging about their findings! I am in absolute awe of what you have found on your Maltese side… Where did you find the letter written in French from your grandmother’s daughter?

    I have a page of links on my blog that I have used to delve further into my ancestral history. The Arch Diocese and Geneanum are two of the ones I use ๐Ÿ™‚

    Would love to hear more about your findings ๐Ÿ˜€ x

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    • Thank you for your encouraging support Missmalta. I am always delighted to find Maltese visitors to my site as it really feels like I have made a connection with my roots.

      The letter from my Great grandmother’s daughter (I guess that makes her my GG Aunt) was passed down the family to a distant cousin who very kindly shared it with me. One of the great things about doing ancestral history on the internet is how it connects people in all sorts of interesting ways.

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      • Ahh! I am so jealous that you have this letter! What I would give to find something so valuable! I can’t imagine the emotion you would have felt reading over it!

        One of the many hurdles I have come across in search of my family’s history is the lack of resources (which over the past few years has improved) – so finding other people that have Maltese heritage and in the same boat as me is exciting as I find new ways to look at the information I have by the way others interpret theirs ๐Ÿ™‚

        Have you come across any other documents or photographs of significance?

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