Welcome to my first post on this new website about my family history. For information about the aim of this site and the families I am researching, please see the ‘About’ page. I am currently building introductory pages for the surname strands I plan to write about, but it will be a little while before these are all ready to go, so if the surname you are interested in is looking a little thin, please be patient but watch this space.

My first posts however, are going to be on the CALLUS family from Malta, starting from all the way back in the 15th century! Look out for a piece on Dr Joseph Callus (aka Matteo), one of Malta’s national heroes and a post about some of the places where we came from.

I hope you find some things to interest you. Please contact me using the form below if there are any topics you would particularly like me to cover, or if you have any information to add to this research. I would also welcome any comments or suggestions about the site.

4 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Dear Angela, wonderful idea nad great content, i will be back to read your updates, all the best, Louise Rigoni (Nee Callus) Adelaide, Australia

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  2. There is a reference about Matteo Callus in “Blocco e Assedio di Malta” by Bosedron Ransijat.
    The book is a diary written while Valletta was blockaded by the english on the seaside and the maltese on the landside. Then there is a chapter where the author gives an account on how badly the maltese were treated and recounts the episode where Matteo Callus was hung for treason by La Valette and his body left on the gallows as a warning. Incidentally, he is said to be from zebbug!
    Paul Vella
    Perth W.Australia


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